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Crowdfunding Resources

Crowdfunding Resources if you Prefer to Do-It-Yourself! That's perfectly fine, however invest in your project so that you get in done correctly. Near / less than 40% of campaigns are successful on Kickstarter and the percentage is much less on Indiegogo and other sites. There are many elements required for a successful campaign. While we offer services to create you the perfect campaign, others may prefer to learn and do it themselves. Save time and get ahead of the process with easy to download: essential steps for crowdfunding success in one place.

With every order, you can send one question related to your purchase and we will respond with our expert advice to you on that subject matter. Question must be specific. For further consultation, email:

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When order is placed, please include your correct email address so we may contact you for the details about your product, business or crowdfunding project.

  • Create a Better Crowdfunding Campaign (automatic download)
  • Complete Pre-Launch Checklist
  • Email Notifications
  • Fundraising Samples
  • Press Release Samples
  • Strategic Digital Marketing Plans
  • How to Write An Effective Campaign
  • Tips & Suggestions
  • add more to come
Essential Steps to Crowdfunding Success

Create a Better Crowdfunding Campaign

Start With This

Thought provoking questions that will bring your project to life. Challenge what you thought you knew and were ready for.

You won’t know what can be created until it’s discovered. Find and consider more options and solutions to bring out more qualities and attributes to your idea or product.

Complete Pre-Launch List

Every Creator Needs This

Pre-Launch is one of the most important aspects of crowdfunding and one of the mosts actions that are missed.

Successful creators know that crowdfunding isn't a simple as it seems and make sure the essential steps are taken. Pre-Launch should start months in advance.

Email Notifications

Who To Notify and When?

It's always surprising to see who supports your campaign and who doesn't. Most creators are in for a shock.

There is a method to who, when and how to notify potential backers about your upcoming campaign. Don't miss out on this opportunity to connect with future backers.

PR or Fundraising Letter

Persuasive Letters That Connect

Compelling, persuasive and call to action letters and Press Releases with positive results us what you need and what we provide. This critical communication can make all the difference in your support.

Analyze Your Campaign

Wait… before you launch

For written set up campaigns on a crowdfunding platform. Viewed via preview or live campaign link. We analyze all the campaign elements for the Essential Steps and send suggestions for a more effective and successful campaign.

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Strategic Digital Marketing Plans

30 Day Targeted Plans

Bring the buzz and drive targeted traffic to your product or campaign? Nothing vague like most marketing plans; get specific, detailed tasks over the number of days. We research your business, product and target your specific industry.

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