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Forget Fridge Magnets | Button Up

Life always comes with challenges and struggles. Sometimes one who is born with a challenge doesn’t look at it as such and what we consider a struggle, is just a normal part of life for them. When faced with challenges, many of us can’t even imagine such strength and determination. This describes Hal Bevers, born deaf, who at four years of age attended a special school where he learned how to talk. By the time Hal was 18 he learned First ASL (sign language). Hal speaks well and reads lips which allows him to communicate quite as well as a person with hearing capabilities.

Hal is a fighter and it was naturally instilled in him to never give up. This is clear with his project, ButtonUp™. Hal says that it wasn’t as hard creating his clutter free product as it was trying to sort through the difficulties of the US Patent office which he did have to seek out the help of a Patent Attorney. That assistance allowed him to get his first patent certificate and ButtonUp™ was on its way.

ButtonUp Forget Fridge Magnets
ButtonUp™ is a revolutionary, stylish and functional alternative to magnets. It’s goal is to reduce the clutter in your life, refrigerator, or space in general. It has 11 buttons, each holds up to four photos, shopping lists, messages, menus & your kiddos finest art work without multiple magnets or thumbtacks. As the catch slogan suggest, “Forget Fridge Magnets”, ButtonUp™ is constructed of Translucent Sheet, made of bio-degradable, post-consumer Polypropylene, which is accepted as recyclable as #5 (PP). Working towards a Green environment is Hal’s purpose.

Hal reached out to big stores, which was a bit of a challenge, however he did finally meet with Walmart at their headquarters in Arkansas. At the time, they seemed really interested in his product but later came back to say they didn’t have room for ButtonUp™. This was very disappointing to Hal who is dedicated to making a green product that is also “Made in the USA”, something this country swears they want more of. However, Walmart’s change of mind hasn’t deterred Hal in the least.

A limited number of ButtonUp™ products have been produced and sold quite well online. Now, Hal would like to focus on getting ButtonUp™ more mainstream. This would allow the opportunity for every household’s refrigerator, office, garage, wall… can be more pleasing to the eyes with less clutter when displaying ones photos and create a Greener society.

Forget Fridge Magnets ButtonUp Button Up

Hal is amazing and this is coupled with his lovely wife, who herself became deaf as a little girl. They have two wonderful sons, both hearing, who motivates Hal to keep fighting to achieve the best life possible regardless of those things we call “challenges”. In fact, the idea of ButtonUp™ happened when Hal and his family were trying to enjoy and arrange photos on their refrigerator for viewing in which, the photos and magnets kept falling to the floor. It was frustrating for all but this sparked a new beginning.

Forget Fridge Magnets Falling Photos

Hal plans to launch his Kickstarter project for mass production this soon, so please look for it here on Kickstarter. In the meantime, there may be a few ButtonUp™ available on his website, something you will surely appreciate.

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